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We are a subscription based website with the aim to create a trusted online community to discuss and share information and recommendations related to health.

In this time of information overload it has come increasingly difficult to sift through information and determine if it is to be trusted. Here on this site we provide personalised, selective information.

The community that we set out to create is not about generating traffic. It is about giving an opportunity to people who work with us to have access to the tools and information we use to continue to help optimise your health through education and personal examples.

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This site is designed to unpack modern health issues and discuss practical and proven solutions to maximise human health.

Our purpose is to build a trusted community of people interested in health to share and learn together.

We are real people behind real things.




Functional Medicine Practitioner

"I practice Functional Medicine root cause approach. My practice focuses on patient education and addresses the lifestyle sustainable solutions to optimise the wellbeing, treat health conditions and, prevention. I incorporate the most recent research into personalised rotating protocols. Research constitutes an on-going part of the practice’ evolution.

Clinical approach focuses on individual triggers and mediators, prevention of the diseases and regeneration. My main focus is on the gastrointestinal health, immunity and brain health. The longer I practice the more I become aware to what extent and impact the environmental exposures pull the trigger".

Khelga is active member of ESIM - European Society of Integrative Medicine, promoting knowledge and science and documenting the findings. She is registered with BANT, CNHC, and is a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Khelga is an active member of SESMI - Sociedad Española de Salud y Medicina Integrativa and SENMO/ SESAP - La Sociedad Española de Nutrición y Medicina Ortomolecular. 



Health Coach and Mental Health Therapist

Catherine Rogers is a mental health therapist and health coach passionate about the link between physical and mental health.


Providing multi-disciplinary insight into health issues, her 20 years of experience and work with Oxford University PhD researchers looking at gut bacteria in relation to the immune system has led her to firmly believe in the importance of good gut health for mental and physical wellbeing.

This belief saw her write Amazon bestseller, “Gut Well Soon”, which reveals how health problems are connected to gut health and found Reset Your Health, an online programme providing recipes tailored to an individual’s health challenges and food preferences.


More recently, Catherine has founded Reset Your Brain Health, where she works alongside doctors to reverse dementia. She is one of only a handful of UK based practitioners who has successfully completed Dr Bredesen’s ReCODE training.

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Healthy Home, Breathwork & Postural Alignment Practitioner

Elizabeth is a certified Buteyko Clinic Instructor,  Oxygen Advantage Coach & Postural Alignment Specialist. She has specialized in Radiation Protection (GEOVITAL Academy) and holds a Master of Science from Manchester University, UK.


Through combining her scientific knowledge with her genuine passion for health Elizabeth has honed her skills to provide solutions which allows each individual to reach their full potential. This is achieved through a combination of breathwork, postural therapy and tools such as Nerve Express. 


With an avid interest in the functional medicine model, which addresses the underlying root cause of disease, Elizabeth works closely with esteemed Functional Medical Practioner, Khelga Coopper, to provide holistic care for all clients.

For more information about breathwork click here.




Vagus Nerve Toning & Thymus Stimulation

From Artist to Therapist through her own healing journey, Libby masterfully combines her creative talents together with medical science to assist others on their journey to wellness and wholeness. 


The Vagus Nerve is crucial contributors to health and wellbeing and yet very little heard of outside clinical realm. The vagus nerve plays an important role as the body’s communication highway, carrying information back and forth between the brain and most internal organs. 


It establishes connections between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract, sends information about the state of the inner organs to the brain via numerous afferent fibres: the vagus nerve is responsible for the regulation of internal organ functions, such as digestion, heart rate, and respiratory rate, as well as vasomotor activity, certain reflex actions, such as coughing, sneezing, swallowing, and vomiting. 


The stimulation of vagal afferent fibres in the gut influences brain systems in the brain stem that play crucial roles in major psychiatric conditions, such as mood and anxiety disorders. 


The most important function of the vagus nerve is afferent, bringing information of the inner organs, such as gut, liver, heart, and lungs to the brain. The inner organs are major sources of sensory information to the brain. The gut as the largest surface (the size of the tennis court) toward the outer world and is therefore, a particularly important sensory organ. Emerging research points out that gut bacteria has beneficial effects on mood and anxiety, partly by affecting the activity of the vagus nerve. 


Vagus nerve plays an important role in supporting memory creation and, therefore cognition by activation leading to the release of acetylcholine neurotransmitter at the synaptic junction with secreting cells, intrinsic nervous fibres, and smooth muscles. In the latter, Libby provides invaluable support and therapeutic add - on to the ReCODE clients. 


Preliminary evidence suggests that vagus nerve stimulation is a promising add-on treatment for refractory depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and inflammatory conditions, such as bowel disease to name a few. 


In few words and without complicating, treatments that target the vagus nerve increase the vagal tone and inhibit cytokine (pro - inflammatory molecules) production. Both are important mechanism of resiliency. 


Vagus nerve tone is correlated with capacity to regulate stress responses and can be influenced by breathing, its tone increases through simple daily patterns of meditation and yoga postures for instance. Libby helps to establish other daily patterns that can be easily incorporated into your life and practiced easily and even, discreetly should a situation require so. 


Another pearl, is attention to the thymus gland, which diminishes in size speedily and progressively with the pace of time. It is a crucial part of the immune system, located at the breast bone, and amongst its key health enhancing function is the production of immune white cells (so called T lymphocytes, T standing for thymus). These cells help us fight infections. Libby guides you through the awareness process about this vital part of the body and puts you back in touch with your system. 


Her toolbox of other therapeutic practices includes vocal toning, singing, guided customized meditation, EFT tapping, silk painting and dance. 


Libby supports you on your journey back to balance, to peace, and to your heart.

For more information click here

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Clinical Psychologist

Lua Sáenz, licensed B-1920, is a Clinical Psychologist and has gained her 3 academic degrees (Bachelor and Masters) and over 10 professional training and qualifications in Spain, UK and Argentina. 

She studied several innovative psychotherapeutic currents: Trauma Brain Integration Techniques,Cognitive Psychotherapy, EFT, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Art Therapy, Positive Psychotherapy, etc. Counting on her resume with master’s degrees, psychology majors and multiple complementary training courses.

Lua Sáenz has over 16 years of experiences working as a Clinical Psychologist. Over the years, she has practised many branches of psychotherapy and has created her unique method which combines Gestalt Psychotherapy, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Trauma Brain Integration Techniques and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Lua has extensive experience in helping clients to overcome psychological Trauma, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Anxiety disorders, Depressive disorders, low self-steem, etc. She now practise her methodology in Spain, as well as giving online consultations and facilitates workshops.



Taiwanese Reflexology & Fascia Release

Hui Fong is originally from Taiwan, she studied and worked in Italy. She developed a special method of Taiwanese reflexology for the feet and fascial decompression for the body which help clients to achieve optimal health. 


How do disproportionally small feet sustain our big bodies? Well, the feet is where the first chakra is — your connection with the Earth, and if you do not take good care of it the loss of connection may follow. The feet are full of sensitive nerve endings and body energy centres. All body systems flow through the feet. When was the last time you took proper care of your feet?


According to ancient Japanese medical knowledge, our human body has over 360 acupuncture points. More than 60 of the acupuncture points are found on the soles of one foot. Our feet are the reflective zones of our internal organs. Her Taiwanese reflexology is carefully curated to stimulate, tone, rebalance and bring to life the 60 acupuncture points of each foot, help gently detoxify the body by encouraging the lymphatics. 


The relationship between the nervous system and the connective tissue is at the core of her fascial decompression approach. This helps to recognise fascial restrictions. She treats specific injuries, tissue connection and blockages, chronic conditions targeting fascia. 


Her methods promote self-healing in a non-invasive way. Her treatments are synergetic with other modalities we offer in our dynamic approach to health and well-being.



If you are interested in the possibility of a mentoring program contact us for more information. 


Is there are particular area you are interested in or research you would like done. Please email us.


Interested in a particular topic and would like to know more. We are available for webinars.

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